How organization al alignment drives performance

In nearly all sectors, especially those that are service related – a new business agenda is emerging that is changing the landscape of customer experience and making traditional approaches no longer relevant. Customers are increasingly making choices based on emotion rather than rationale, and their thoughts and feelings can be shared to millions, instantly, in our super-connected world. Furthermore, brands are no longer owned by organizations, but co-owned with customers, employees, service partners and investors. And employees themselves want a sense of meaning and fulfilment from the companies they represent.

There has been a general shift from a product-based economy to an experience-based one. For companies, the role of their customers and employees as ambassadors is of huge importance today. In short, the successful organization of tomorrow will deliver a customer experience that reinforces a sense of shared values with customers and stakeholders. This book defines a unique fresh approach to the design, implementation and development of customer experience strategy in any organization.

Alan Williams and Dave Stubberfield
Alan Williams is the founder of SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL and advises business leaders internationally to deliver value-driven service. Dave Stubberfield is the director of Carter Consultancy and specializes in enabling cultural transformation to help businesses achieve greatness. Both are based in the UK.

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