Exploring the reasons why emotions are so important in decision-making

Neoclassical economics assumes that most people have well-defined preferences and make well-informed, self-interested decisions based on those preferences. But in the real world, this is often not the case. This book combines elements of economics and psychology to help you understand how and why consumers behave the way they really do.

Using behavioural economics as the foundation, the author explains the anomalies in consumer choices and what really influences human behaviour, preferences and decision-making. Often the case, emotional as well as economic factors play a vital role in consumer behaviour. Therefore, behavioural economics can be an important aid to business and marketing strategies by understanding how consumer decisions can be influenced.

Anthony Tasgal
Anthony Tasgal spent 15 years as an ad agency planner before setting up POV, a strategic brand consultancy. He is a Training Director for the CIM and a Visiting Lecturer at Buckingham, Nottingham Trent and Beijing Normal Universities. He is author of The Insight BookThe Storytelling Book, The Storytelling Workbook, Incitations, and The Inspiratorium (all published by LID). He lives in the UK.

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