What does it mean to be a Whole Marketer? by Abigail Dixon

By Guest Contributor Abigail Dixon

Author of The Whole Marketer, Abigail Dixon, explains what it truly means to be a Whole Marketer and how it can help you have a fulfilled and successful career.

Ask yourself this question – is my career as a marketer really of my making, or is it happening to me, not for me? Do I really know how to make the most of this amazing industry, or am I stuck?

The Whole Marketer is a much needed, holistic approach to career and personal development in this challenging yet rewarding industry. It helps you answer the big questions, guiding you as you make your career personal; fuelled by passion, defined by your values, and driven by your goals for your life. It is designed with a full knowledge of the technical, soft skills and behaviours, leadership qualities and personal understanding it requires to succeed in this industry. It is the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ meeting the latest thinking needed to be at the forefront of the industry.



Over the last twenty years our role as marketers has undergone a massive evolution, from a support function to leading the commercial agenda of brands and businesses. We are now expected to be leaders, pioneers, and innovators – all the ingredients of a truly rewarding career.

It also means that our technical skills have not only changed but are not enough. Now, our ability to adapt and grow, to lead, create and innovate are all vital to our success. While this evolution has provided great opportunity for rewarding and fulfilling work it also means we can be overstretched, losing sight of our own goals, too often immersed in work that doesn’t always play to our values or support our bigger dreams.

So many marketers are feeling overwhelmed, inundated by new approaches, coupled with demands of personal lives and therefore it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. That is why it’s so important to have the skills, tools, and personal understanding not only to do a great job, but to create a career that works for you.

The Whole Marketer approach supports passionate marketers to take the reins and own their path. To live their lives wholly, fulfilled, and passionately as marketers but also as an individual, with ambitions beyond the KPIs.



The Whole Marketer is one who understands that, yes – they need to invest time and energy into core technical skills and latest thinking to be at the forefront of the industry, but one who knows that is only part of what it takes to be a successful marketer. The rest is the soft skills, behaviour and ability to lead, alongside personal understanding, tools, support and mindset to learn and grow.

They are empowered to lead the commercial agenda of their brand, with consumers at the heart. They are leaders who understand the power of values, vulnerability and authenticity and can lead motivated, creative teams.

Importantly, The Whole Marketer is someone who takes the reins of their career, laying a path rooted in their personal values and driven by true, emotional motivation.

It’s my mission to create a wave of Whole Marketers; a community of passionate marketer and leaders, who are empowered to grow themselves holistically to gain fulfillment, but also for them to lead a wave of whole marketing teams.

This approach encompasses training, coaching and real-life practical examples from my expertise as a marketing practitioner, trainer, consultant, coach, and mentor, as well as my unique experience in helping step change the growth of many brands, from household to challenger, and having trained and supported the people behind the brands, across multiple sectors and industries.

It comes from someone who has been there, who has enjoyed the highs of brand success and awards to moments of frustration that result in having a cry in the car on the way home. As a coach and mentor, it comes from a place of understanding what we need as humans to feel fulfilled and from a marketer that has trod the path and wants to make your journey a whole lot more rewarding and fulfilling. Quite simply, The Whole Marketer is the book and the approach I wished I’d had throughout those highs and lows.

If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you are a passionate marketer, hungry.

to learn, to grow and develop in your marketing role. Or to develop as a marketing leader. To be the best you can be and ensure the marketers in your care are the best they can be too. It’s my mission to give you what you need to thrive in this amazing industry.

Ready to be The Whole Marketer?


ABIGAIL DIXON is an award-winning chartered marketer, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), an accredited consultant, a course director and trainer, and an accredited International Coaching Federation coach.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abigailcdixon


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As marketing roles continue to evolve, expand and embrace the complexities of the modern world of business, marketers are under increasing pressure to perform as individuals and teams. The Whole Marketer argues that now is the time to take stock of technical skills required, examine the latest thinking, identify capability gaps and discover how to be fulfilled in a professional context and as a human.   

Abigail Dixon looks at the functions of a marketing team through a lens of personal development. Her rich experience comes from leading marketing teams and training hundreds of marketers at varied stages of their career to achieve formal qualifications. 

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