Since 1993, LID has made it its mission to share knowledge – to communicate our authors’ and corporate clients’ expertise, ideas, brand, thinking and story throughout the business world. Consequently, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of thought leaders and experts (both individuals and organizations), from a broad range of sectors, and publishing their knowledge and insights across multiple channels (print, digital, audio, book and magazine). Furthermore, LID’s vision of sharing knowledge connects our readers to expert content and offers vast opportunities to achieve self-development and professional success.

This year, LID proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary. In parallel to its mission of sharing knowledge, LID operates under four key values – freedom, equal opportunity, entrepreneurship and rational decision-making – that has allowed it to expand globally. Today, the LID brand operates from the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and China. Our portfolio of authors and corporate clients comprises of multinational companies, consulting firms, membership bodies, educational institutions as well as individual thought leaders and experts. LID has a deep understanding that being able to communicate effectively your ideas and expertise is vital to establishing a strong corporate image or expert brand, as well as to playing a leading role both in your sector and globally. And publications are the essential platform for thought leaders of all kinds to expound, expand and market their ideas to clients, partners and stakeholders.