LID to Publish New Groundbreaking Business Book: Focus on Less to Achieve More by Johan Grönstedt

LID to Publish New Groundbreaking Business Book: Focus on Less to Achieve More by Johan Grönstedt


Focus on Less to Achieve More by Johan Grönstedt will be published in June 2024.

In an era where the majority of company strategies falter in execution, LID is set to publish a pivotal book in June 2024 that promises to revolutionize how managers and executives implement their company’s visions. Focus on Less to Achieve More by Johan Grönstedt emerges as a beacon of insight in the business world, promising to lead the charge against the tide of strategic failures that plague modern corporations.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and deep-seated expertise, Grönstedt’s title meticulously dissects the anatomy of strategic success. With over 80% of company strategies failing to reach fruition, this book is not just timely; it’s necessary. Through compelling evidence and engaging narratives, Grönstedt elucidates the critical importance of prioritization, actionability and digital acceleration as the levers behind scalable success in an increasingly disrupted business environment.

Focus on Less to Achieve More is a manifesto for managerial excellence in the face of overwhelming odds. Grönstedt’s narrative is a masterclass in accessible expertise, transforming complex strategic concepts into clear, actionable insights. “In our world, a million dollars is squandered every 20 seconds due to failed execution,” – Grönstedt states – “This book is the ammunition for leaders ready to spearhead an execution revolution, offering a new blueprint for success where focus prevails over frenzy.”

Martin Liu, Publisher & COO of LID, praises the book’s intrinsic value, stating: “Johan’s insights into strategic execution are unparalleled. This book stands as a testament to his profound understanding of what it takes for companies to succeed in realizing their strategic goals. We are thrilled to be part of this journey with Johan, bringing this essential guide to managers and executives worldwide.”

Johan Grönstedt, a seasoned management consultant and the Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Howwe Technologies, has dedicated his career pursuit of excellence in the field of strategy execution. As Focus on Less to Achieve More gears up for its launch, it promises not only to be a guide but a movement towards simplification as a strategy for amplification.


Notes to editors:

  • Focus on Less to Achieve More:  The Quick Cure for Slow Strategy (ISBN: 978-1-915951-45-8) will be published by LID Publishing in June 2024.
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