How to transform the way we manage

The time has come for better management. But better management is not merely about adding new labels to the current ways of doing things. It is much broader than efficiency and alignment. In this book, Lukas Michel offers senior executives and managers tools to understand a new way of discussing and thinking about management and work, which requires us to take on a broader perspective of the company and its culture.  

It’s every manager’s prime job to manage better: to change the way they lead people and how they organise work in the new (post-pandemic) business context. The book discusses the role of the operating system to do that and clarifies managerial priorities and goals. This then sets the stage for Diagnostic Mentoring – the methodology that enables the transformation of the way we manage. 

Lukas Michel
Lukas Michel is the founder of Management Insights, with over 30 years' senior executive experiences, supporting executives worldwide with agile management. He is an Associate of the Peter Drucker Society, a key thought-leader on the subject of agility, and the author of five other management books: The Performance Triangle, Management Design, Diagnostic Mentoring, People-Centric Management, Agile By Choice and Better Management (all published by LID).

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