Tales of an emergency room doctor
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Paul Weinberg spent 30 years in the Emergency Room (or ER) as a medical doctor and has seen everything. Described as “a strange career” by the author, entry into the field is unrestricted and open to all who are brave (or foolish) enough to start into the stream without the knowledge of the tsunami ahead. The strangeness of the practice is apparent from the very first visit to a busy urban ER. The swarm of commotion and great vividness of the scene can be dizzying. The relentlessness of the torrent and its strange day and night rhythms can enthral and repel like no other practice or job.

In turns shocking, sad and funny, this book contains remarkable tales, inside stories and the experiences of a doctor’s career in ER. Emergency medicine in America is a critical asset to its healthcare system. The ER doctor is located at the interface of the public and the first point of healthcare. If a doctor is needed outside of office hours, nights or holidays, if the patient is uninsured or has inadequate insurance, or is of such a social state that they might be unpleasant to be around, no one is turned away at the ER. In short, the life of the ER doc is one where no situation is off limits.


Paul Weinberg
Paul Weinberg, MD, a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, spent a total of 45 years in Emergency Medicine primarily in a community hospital in a major metropolitan area in California, USA. He is now retired.

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