The art and practice of building authentic professional relationships
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If you really want to build your career and achieve professional success, being able to network effectively is crucial. Based on first-hand experience of a successful and dynamic professional, whose focus remains on developing her network of contacts even as she enters the senior stage of her career, this book is a modern-day, highly practical guide for anyone seeking the networking skills and confidence required to succeed in their career.

In order for you to obtain valuable information or help from your contacts, you yourself must be valuable and generous to others. Therefore, one of the key points of the book is building the right kind of professional relationship – and here, authenticity should be at the core of your networking. The author provides proven advice on how to build relationships strategically, that will last for the long term, and will bring mutual benefits. At the same time, the author stresses the importance of you remaining true to yourself and your core beliefs.


Alisa Grafton
Alisa Grafton is a partner at a leading law firm, and assists other law firms, investment banks and multinationals to execute cross-border transactions. She is also active in female leadership and is a mentor for the Athena40 Forum. She is based in London.

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