Going behind the scenes of leadership and human development

Just like most people, CEOs and top executives have doubts, fears, questions, not to mention shortcomings. But most of the time, they want to hide them, even to those closest to them, probably to convince others –and above all themselves –that the situation is under control and that they are invincible. Yet no one is fooled: successive crises remind us that we must all deal with vulnerabilities, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Based on 20 years of coaching top executives, this book takes you behind the scenes of effective leadership and personal development. Far from being just a confessional list of vulnerabilities, the book will give you access to the secrets of great leaders in overcoming obstacles, staying healthy, promoting agility and autonomy, being eco-friendly, being demanding and fair, and developing kindness and empathy. In such uncertain times, this inspiring and enlightening book is a guide to helping leaders and managers develop resources, awareness, self-confidence and skills –the key landmarks –for a new style of leadership, one that is kinder, more respectful and relevant to today’s environment.

Marc Beretta
Marc Beretta is Academic Director for Executive Programs and an Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris. He also teaches at Trium Global Executive MBA. He has been coaching and developing executives for over 20 years and is CEO and Founder of Inis Alga, a leadership development consultancy, and Anailis, a coaching school. He lives in Paris.

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