How to communicate clearly and reclaim our language

Bullshit is everywhere. Some of it is just lazy, some is complete nonsense, and yet some is at least trying to communicate something, even if it fails. Bestselling author Kevin Duncan has been on a life mission to improve business language and understanding. In his latest book, he weeds out the worst offenders, and the contexts in which they most frequently occur, to provide readers with a path to clear communication.

The book starts with an examination of why we seem to use so much jargon and non-sensical words and phrases in our daily working lives. Duncan then lists and analyses the 100 most popular examples of bullshit used internally and externally, their real meaning, and rates how harmless or dangerous they are. The book ends with advice on dealing with bullshitters and a manifesto to help anyone achieve clear, bullshit-free communication.


Kevin Duncan
Kevin Duncan is a business adviser, marketing expert, and bestselling author. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. He is the author of The Diagrams Book, The Ideas Book, The Excellence Book, The Smart Thinking Book, The Business Bullshit Book, The Intelligent Work Book, The Bullshit-Free Book and The Sustainable Business Book (all published by LID).

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