Your guide to starting out, stepping up and being yourself

The early part of your career can be tough. You have to work out what type of work will suit you best, navigate how your company works, do well at your job and deal with tough times. This book is designed to walk you through important decision-making processes, to act as a helpful support when things get tough and to help with those big decisions to keep you on the right path in your early career phase.

The book starts with values and principles–understanding what those are and their foundational importance to your career. It moves on to the game plan–setting goals, keeping motivated –and the need for one to get anywhere. There is also valuable advice on how to cope with and overcome rejection, failures and other tough situations. Moreover, promotion is a key aim for most people at the early stage of theircareer, and the author provides guidance on the best way to achieve that.

Rosie Duncan
Rosie Duncan is a consultant who specializes in mentoring, health and wellness, and communications. She is the co-author of The Excellence Book (LID).

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