Creating a new human species with AI and genetic engineering

A new human species will soon come to co-exist with us. This new species, ‘nouveau sapiens’, will be created using artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, both important tools which are in their infancy. Not only are the science and technology relatively new, but also their implications in the mind of the general public are only just beginning to enter our collective consciousness.

Written by a medical professional and independent consultant to healthcare IT companies, this book explores the questions of what this new species will look like, how we as humans will get along with them, and the potential threats and opportunities that will come along with genetically modified humans.

Don Simborg
Don Simborg is an academic physician (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine). He was a faculty member at Johns Hopkins and University of California, San Francisco, and is the founder and CEO of two venture-funded companies involved in electronic medical records and medical decision-making. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area, California, USA.

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