How to bounce back from a crisis

A crisis can happen at any time, to any person or organization. You could lose your job or your partner. A company could lose its market or simply lose its way. And, as recent times have demonstrated, the world as we knew it can be lost too. This is when we find ourselves at Year Zero – a strange, new place that can feel frightening and unknown. But it can also be the first step into a new world with new possibilities.

We cannot avoid crises in our lives, businesses and societies. But we can learn how to reset and bounce back from a crisis. And not the same place, but to something bigger, better or, at least, different. The clues about how this can be accomplished lay hidden in case studies, psychological research, corporate storytelling, personal anecdotes and historical documents. Magnus Lindkvist is the interdisciplinary detective in search of these clues, and in doing that, he provides insights, tools and solace for any person or organization seeking to reset and bounce back.


Magnus Lindkvist
Magnus Lindkvist is an internationally renowned futurist and consultant. He is the author of The Future BookWhen the Future Begins and Minifesto (both published by LID). He is based in Sweden.

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