How will the Metaverse change the future of work? with Jianing Yu and Ciara Sun

How will the Metaverse change the future of work? with Jianing Yu and Ciara Sun

By Guest Contributors Jianing Yu and Ciara Sun
Authors of The Rise of the Metaverse, Jianing Yu and Ciara Sun reveal what a typical day in the metaverse will look like.

The explosion of the metaverse is the inevitable result of the development of digital lifestyle. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has isolated people from each other in the physical world and significantly reduced offline activities, but people are more closely connected in the digital world. This has made great changes in people’s lifestyles. In the global scope, new business forms such as teleconferencing, short video, online education, and new retail have been rapidly popularized, and people everywhere are getting used to working, learning, shopping, and entertainment online.

However, mobile Internet can no longer meet the needs of people’s increasingly developing digital work and life, so it is necessary to build a better digital space to carry a better digital life in the future, and the metaverse is considered to be the best solution to this problem.

Have you ever thought about how we will spend a day in the Metaverse in the future? What will our work, social, entertainment and family life be like? Let’s look forward to a day’s life of ordinary people in the metaverse ten years from now:

After getting up at 8am in the morning, you take VR equipment and have half an hour of spinning training with friends in the metaverse to start a dynamic day.

After a simple breakfast, you sit in front of the desk at home at 9am on time, put on the AR glasses, enter the working environment, and begin the day’s work. Through the AR technology, no matter where colleagues are, we can communicate face-to-face at any time and anywhere, just like in the office.

At 10am, you put on the VR headset and go to the “Digital Twins” of overseas factories for patrol inspection. During the inspection, the equipment with problems was checked in detail and the wrong parameters were adjusted. These repair actions will be performed synchronously by robots in the factory of the physical world. A large number of sensors can capture real-time data to ensure that the factory state in the physical world is always consistent with the Digital Twins in the metaverse.

At 12pm, you choose the lunch materials in the metaverse Digital Kitchen. While you are pairing lunch in the metaverse, the robot is also preparing this lunch in the central kitchen not far from home. After a while, a delicious lunch is delivered to your home through intelligent UAV.

At 2pm, you attend a history lecture course. In the course, you are exposed to the reappearance of historical scenes in the metaverse, meanwhile you have the panoramic view of the architectural styles on both sides of the street, and the wearing of the people. Through full sensory immersion, you learn about the local customs and historical development hundreds of years ago in an all-around way.

After class, at 5pm, you invite your classmates to play basketball together in the metaverse. Although you are in different places, you can gather in the same basketball court in the metaverse and feel the fun of playing basketball.

At 8 pm, your friend in another time zone invites you to watch the concert with her. Through the body-feeling equipment, you are transmitted to the concert scene in one second, so that your Digital Twin could enjoy the charm of music with her.

These are not wild imaginations, many scenes are moving from science fiction to reality.

Come2uS, a Korean game company, has developed a metaverse platform called Come2Verse, and plans to let more than 2500 employees all work in the metaverse, opening the era of work and life in the metaverse.

In general, in the future metaverse era, our working and living conditions will change greatly. And what will change all this is that a higher level of digital economy will emerge in the metaverse, that is metaverse economy.

The metaverse economy mainly includes the following aspects:

First – intelligence economy.

Intelligence economy is a new economic paradigm based on blockchain and smart contracts. The blockchain is a collaboration protocol and settlement network. Based on the smart contracts of blockchain, people and people (including “digital people”), people and things, and even things and things can easily achieve automated and trusted economic cooperation.

Second – inclusive economy.

The COVID-19 has changed the world economic pattern to a large extent, and there has been a serious “involution”. The metaverse is expected to break the existing involution development model and give young people more new opportunities, so as to accelerate the realization of mutual benefit, win-win development and common prosperity.

Third – the creative economy.

The important component of the metaverse is digital content, which is a world driven by creators. Users are no longer mere consumers of digital content, but also creators and disseminators of content, thus forming a development model based on the community culture of Prosumer (consumers are producers).

The creative economy has both commercial and cultural values, which can not only stimulate the growth of the metaverse economy, but also bring about the great prosperity of digital culture. In the digital world, the value of original digital cultural creation will gradually be recognized by the society, and NFT will become an important value carrier in the metaverse.

Fourth – data economy.

In the metaverse, from “digital land”, props and equipment to computing models and data resources, valuable digital assets can be formed and transferred in the market to form fair values. The tokenized data in the metaverse achieves market configuration, so as to maximize the value and truly becomes the most important asset and production factor in the metaverse.

To sum up, the metaverse is not empty, but will create new values far beyond the physical world. In the future, the metaverse will become the digital space for human entertainment, social interaction and even work, the main carrier of the future lifestyle, and a new digital world in which everyone will participate. The metaverse is closely related to each of us. In the era of the metaverse, every industry and every profession will undergo major changes, which will affect everyone’s future development. The opportunities brought by the metaverse far outweigh the challenges. As long as we have the courage to change and keep pace with the times, we can usher in a better future.


Dr Jianing Yu is Executive Director of the Metaverse Industry Committee of the China Mobile Communications Federation and a university educator of blockchain courses.



Ciara Sun is the founding partner of C² Ventures and previously worked at Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting and Ernst& Young.



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