How to Identify What your Real Dreams are? with Lowell Sheppard

How to Identify What your Real Dreams are?

By Guest Contributor Lowell Sheppard
Author of Dare to Dream, Lowell Sheppard, reveals his guide to identifying your true passion.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I find the right dream for me?” This is a question that often plagues many of us at different stages of life. It’s a question that goes beyond merely pursuing a career or a hobby—it’s about identifying the dream that truly resonates with your heart and soul. In this article, we’ll explore the journey to finding your dream and turning it into a reality.

Starting the Quest for Your Dream

This question has found its way into the lives of countless individuals, young and old, as they contemplate their next steps. Allow me to share two stories that illustrate the quest for dreams. These are real-life people who want to be a Never-Too-later but do not know what their dream is. They wrote to me asking for advice:

Story 1: A Retirement Reflection

Picture a 60-year-old man, a seasoned executive nearing retirement from a large construction company. He’s had a successful career, but the mandatory retirement policy is looming, leaving him uncertain about his next chapter. When he confides in his colleagues, they jest about the joys of endless golf games in retirement. However, his response is a poignant one: “I played golf all my life as part of my business. I don’t want to do it anymore.” He longs for a dream that will enrich his life and provide fulfilment for the next several decades. Sadly, he adds, “I do not have a dream, but I want one. How do I find a dream?”

Story 2: A Woman’s Desire for “It All”

In her forties, a single mother of high energy and a successful career writes a comment expressing her desires: “I want it all—a husband, a boat, a helicopter, and a dog.” While there may be a touch of humor in her words, she indeed harbors dreams. However, her aspirations primarily revolve around material possessions, hinting at a degree of dissatisfaction with her present life. She believes that acquiring these things will bring happiness.

These two stories reflect the diverse nature of dreams, from seeking purpose and fulfilment in retirement to aspiring for an extravagant lifestyle. For individuals like the 60-year-old executive and the ambitious single mother, the quest for a dream is essential.

Unearthing Your True Dream

So, how can you go about identifying your dream? Here are some tips and insights to guide you on this profound journey:

  1. Journey into Your Past

Dig deep into your past, even back to your childhood. What did you dream of when you were young? What did you imagine your future would be like? While there may be a mix of dreams, pay attention to the ones that still make your heart tingle. Often, our core dreams have deep roots in our earliest aspirations.

  1. Reflect and Meditate

Take time to reflect and meditate on those dreams. There may be a seed of something significant among them. Consider which dreams resonate most strongly with your current self, values, and aspirations. These are the dreams worth nurturing.

  1. Characteristics of Worthwhile Dreams

Not all dreams are created equal. Focus on the ones that possess these characteristics:

  • Dreams that take your breath away, leading you into uncharted territory and out of your comfort zone.
  • Dreams that leave a lasting impact beyond personal happiness, creating a positive mark on others and the world.
  • Dreams that thrive when shared with others, where the collective effort amplifies their power.
  • Dreams that offer a sense of tranquillity and peace, allowing you to rest and recharge.
  • Dreams for which you can clearly envision a roadmap to success.
  1. Have the Courage to Pursue

Remember, there are many dreamers in the world, but it’s those who have the courage to wake from the slumber of fantasies and take steps toward making their dreams come true who stand out. Your journey toward your dream may be filled with challenges, uncertainties, and hard work, but the sense of fulfillment and purpose it brings is immeasurable.  Remember the importance of a roadmap to your dream.  Having waypoints and milestones along the way will create lots of little `wins` which will fuel your courage to keep going and increase momentum

Finding the right dream for you is a deeply personal journey. It’s a quest to unearth the dreams that align with your innermost desires and values. These dreams have the potential to transform your life, propelling you toward a future filled with passion, purpose, and profound satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a single parent, or anyone in between, remember that it’s never too late to discover your dream and set out on the path to making it a reality.


Lowell Sheppard is a seasoned adventurer, author, YouTuber and most recently the host for a new TV series on History Channel called Dare to Dream(to be released in 2024). He is also the founder of the Never Too Late Academy, which seeks to “help people everywhere acquire the courage and the tools to realize high stake dreams.” He currently lives in Japan on his boat. 


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Based on Lowell’s own experience, this book provides important insights on to how to redesign your life, awaken dormant dreams, create audacious goals, and take high-stake risks to achieve them. It examines the anatomy of a dream and shares a four-step (DARE) program to realize high-stake dreams. Lowell has learned from both success and failure, but most of all, he has learned the benefits of pure grit and tenacity. This book will not only inspire the reader to have the courage to reach for the sky but also equip them with the tools to navigate into a better future. 

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