My Top Five Tips for Realizing Audacious Dreams with Lowell Sheppard

My Top Five Tips for Realizing Audacious Dreams

By Guest Contributor Lowell Sheppard
Author of Dare to Dream, Lowell Sheppard, shares his best tips on how to realize your biggest aspirations.

In the grand tapestry of life, dreams serve as the vibrant threads that weave our unique narratives. We all have them, aspirations that light a fire within, but it’s the audacious dreams that truly set our hearts ablaze. These are the dreams that carry risks and uncertainties, yet we know deep within that not attempting to realize them would be an enduring regret.

As someone deeply passionate about helping individuals transform their audacious dreams into reality, I’ve accumulated invaluable insights over the years. These top five tips have emerged as the pillars of my “Tips Toolbox.” Through personal experience and countless conversations with fellow dream chasers, I’ve discovered the transformative power of these principles.

Tip 1: Be Your Dream

A common pitfall on the path to achieving audacious dreams is the disparity between what we say and what we do. Many people claim to have a dream, yet their actions tell a different story. They lament the lack of time or money, yet their weekends are spent partying or lounging around the house. When the yawning gap between words and actions becomes apparent, it’s a sign that the professed dream may be nothing more than a fleeting fantasy. To bridge this chasm, align your actions with your dream. If your true dream involves late-night coding sessions, deep research, or relentless networking, building a boat, working a second job, devoting your weekends to the workshop or turning a hobby into a business, then living your dream means embracing those tasks with enthusiasm. Be your dream, for in it lies the path to fulfillment.

Tip 2: Celebrate Every Step

The journey toward audacious dreams is paved with countless small victories, minor milestones, and pivots that arise from confronting obstacles. Embrace the art of celebrating each and every one of these moments. These celebrations serve as markers of your progress and provide the motivation to persevere. From finding innovative solutions to navigating unexpected detours, every win, no matter how seemingly insignificant, brings you closer to your ultimate goal. By celebrating these moments, you infuse your journey with positivity and fortitude.

Tip 3: Money Shouldn’t Be a Barrier

One of the most common deterrents to pursuing audacious dreams is the perceived financial barrier. I spent the majority of my adult life working in the non-profit sector, where a hefty bank account was far from reality. However, I discovered that the age-old adage holds true: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” To fund your dream, consider two key strategies. First, embrace a minimalist lifestyle. This will serve as a litmus test for your dream’s authenticity. Second, become a digital nomad. We currently reside in a unique era of history where the internet enables you to generate income without being tied to a specific place or schedule.

Tip 4: Just Get Started

The inertia that precedes any grand endeavor can be paralyzing. The prospect of realizing your audacious dream might seem overwhelming, and taking the first step can be the most daunting task. However, it’s crucial to overcome this inertia. Remember, it’s the first step that’s often the hardest. Simply waking up, placing your feet on the ground, and initiating your journey is a powerful act of determination. Once you’ve begun, momentum tends to build, and each subsequent step becomes more manageable.

Tip 5: Embrace the Storm

In the words of a seasoned sailor, who I met when he was 80 years old and building a boat to circumnavigate the world once more: “When in a storm and things get tough, remember that this was your dream. You chose to be here, so be happy.” Audacious dreams aren’t devoid of challenges. They come with their fair share of turbulence and uncertainty. Embrace these challenges as part of the journey, for they are integral to the transformation and growth required to turn your dream into reality. As you weather the storms, remember that you are pursuing a dream that sets your heart alight, and this pursuit, in itself, is a source of joy and fulfilment.

In conclusion, for those who are fervently pursuing audacious dreams, these top five tips are your compass and your guide. They’ll steer you through the vast sea of possibilities and obstacles, helping you navigate the complexities of your journey. As you journey towards your audacious dream, remember that the path may not always be straightforward, but it’s in the twists and turns that the true magic of realization occurs. May these tips propel you ever closer to your audacious dreams and the profound satisfaction they bring.

In Dare to Dream, I offer more tools and tips to help you in your journey into the future. Good Luck. Remember it is never too late to dare to dream.


Lowell Sheppard is a seasoned adventurer, author, YouTuber and most recently the host for a new TV series on History Channel called Dare to Dream(to be released in 2024). He is also the founder of the Never Too Late Academy, which seeks to “help people everywhere acquire the courage and the tools to realize high stake dreams.” He currently lives in Japan on his boat. 


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