Six LID Books Shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2024

Six LID Books Shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2024

Six LID books were shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2024. The shortlist reveal event took place last evening, 15th May, at the Pearson office in London.

The shortlisted LID books are:

Collective Intelligence by Jennifer Sundberg & Pippa Begg in the People, Culture & Management Category

Mindful Command by Sally-Anne Airey in the Leadership Book Category

The Sustainable Business Book by Kevin Duncan & Sarah Duncan in the Change & Sustainability Category

The Smart Branding Book by Dan White in the Short Business Book Category

The Sky is No Limit by Per Wimmer in the Business Journey Category

Dare to Dream by Lowell Sheppard also in the Business Journey Category

The books were shortlisted from 250 titles entered in the competition.

The Awards Gala will take place on 19th September 2024 in London, UK.

Collective Intelligence

The real lesson from Amazon, Google and the like – that enables them to keep winning year after year – is that they do business intelligently. Business is complex, which is why it requires a deep, practical intelligence to survive, let alone thrive. This book shows why businesses that act smartest, and display an organizational capacity for critical thinking, underpinned with clear and effective communication, allowing them to develop razor-sharp focus, are the ones that really stand out and achieve sustained success.   


Mindful Command

This is a book about the essence of skilful leadership: what really matters, why it works, and what any leader can do to improve their effectiveness and their impact on the world. It offers a crystal-clear view of what good leadership looks like and a simple, original conceptual framework for evolving it throughout life.    


The Sustainable Business Book

All businesses today face increasing pressure from customers and legislation to improve their sustainability credentials. Moreover, companies’ employees and shareholders are demanding the same. Yet, many companies are playing catch-up and urgently need to get on track for the future. This book explains how companies – small or large – can do that in a series of practical stages.



The Smart Branding Book

This book presents in a concise fashion the latest thinking and methods for successful branding. Clear and accessible, it contains real-life examples from business, practical frameworks, and inspiring illustrations. It explains what branding really is, why a brand is so critical to success in business, and how to maximize the growth of your current and future products/services through branding.


The Sky Is No Limit

This is the first volume in the autobiography of a person who a commentator described as “a true Indiana Jones meets 007 James Bond”. Per Wimmer’s life story is far from ordinary and very much driven by the desire to push boundaries. This first volume covers Per’s formative years, his growing fascination for adventure, travel and space, and the growth of his career in international finance, culminating in the founding of Wimmer Financial.


Dare to Dream

Based on Lowell’s own experience, this book provides important insights on to how to redesign your life, awaken dormant dreams, create audacious goals, and take high-stake risks to achieve them. It examines the anatomy of a dream and shares a four-step (DARE) program to realize high-stake dreams. Lowell has learned from both success and failure, but most of all, he has learned the benefits of pure grit and tenacity. This book will not only inspire the reader to have the courage to reach for the sky but also equip them with the tools to navigate into a better future.