The Way of the Evolving Leader
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Highly effective leaders express who they are through their thoughts, words and actions. They are inwardly directed and outwardly aware, realistic and astute. They consistently align who they are with how they lead, no matter what is happening around them. In this way they embody the self-mastery necessary to inspire and lead others well in all situations. 

Airey’s career in the Royal Navy spanned 23 years and during this time she observed all kinds of leadership, good and bad. Observing these leaders and the outcomes they achieved gave her huge insight into what works. In Mindful Command she presents her learnings and arguments as an international business leader, leadership coach and mindfulness teacher. Her reflections on what constitutes the essence of real leadership skill are current and valuable, and the book presents a simple, all-encompassing framework that enables leaders everywhere to grow. 

Airey left the Royal Navy as a commander and in the years that followed, she learned – through mindfulness – self-command, and the critical importance of inner acceptance to empathetic and effective leadership. In Mindful Command she delivers these lessons in a way which is as vivid, clear and accessible as possible, to simplifying the journey for others treading the path to developing real leadership skill.  

Sally-Anne Airey
Sally-Anne Airey is the founder of Skilful Leaders where she coaches leaders and their teams to become who they really want to be, to do the work they really want to do. In her 23-year career in the Royal Navy she has been at the forefront of leadership practice and development. She left as a commander, and the Navy’s first serving mother. She resides in France. 

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