The Way of the Evolving Leader
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This is a book about the essence of skilful leadership: what really matters, why it works, and what any leader can do to improve their effectiveness and their impact on the world. It offers a crystal-clear view of what good leadership looks like and a simple, original conceptual framework for evolving it throughout life.    

Mindful Command begins with the fundamental understanding that real success as a leader depends not on what you do, but on how you are. Motivating people to give off their best is about being your best – consistently, over time. The book is a concise, practical guide for busy leaders who recognise their need to undertake or continue this inner work and want to know how.

Sally-Anne Airey
Sally-Anne Airey is a leadership coach who has devoted over 40 years to the art and skill of leadership. A former Royal Navy officer, she is the founder of Skilful Leaders and the Evolving Leadership programme for leaders and influencers who care about their impact on the world.  She resides in France. 

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