An introduction to intercultural communication with China

This is the first title in the new “Navigating China” series of books written by leading experts in the field of international businessand cross-cultural communications. The book unravels the nuances of effective communication in China. It introduces readers to the basics of intercultural communication. It also highlights cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic factors that shape how Chinese people communicate. This essential guide will equip readers with the understanding needed to navigate cultural differences, making their cross-cultural interactions more successful and rewarding.

By combining theory and practice, the book presents insights and techniques in inter-cultural communication. How does our language reflect our thoughts? What is the relationship between our culture and communication? How can we overcome cross-cultural boundaries and communicate effectively both in interpersonal or business settings? For anyone doing business in or with China, this book is an essential tool for effective communication.

Dr Catherine Hua Xiang
Dr Catherine Hua Xiang is an established author and applied linguist. She is Head of East Asian Languages at LSE, Programme Director of LSE’s BSc International Relations and Chinese course, as well as UK Director of LSE Confucius Institute for Business London. She is also a consultant to companies wishing to engage with China.

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Number of pages: 272
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