GaYme Changers in Slovakia

The Slovak LGBT+ community and their allies: a challenging climate, a murderous attack and some progress in companies and civil society

In his groundbreaking book GaYme Changer: How the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global community, Jens Schadendorf described a revolution: in less than a decade, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer people in the West and some other parts of the world broke free from their long history of marginalization, stigmatization, and criminalization to become the ultimate champions of creativity, diversity, and innovation.

Now in this shorter work, Schadendorf looks at Slovakia, where LGBT+ people and their supporters face political and religious attitudes that can fuel hate speech, discrimination, and even, recently, murderous violence.

But there is also hope, with campaigning organizations, individuals, and companies bravely leading the way. Even in the face of hostility, what applies elsewhere in the world applies here too: letting LGBT+ people develop into dynamic forces is a benefit to both business and society. It is economically right, and it is socially and ethically the right thing to do.

Jens Schadendorf
Jens Schadendorf is an economist; advising companies, scientists and managers on organizational projects globally. Jens is an author and speaker, covering topics on diversity and ethics. He is also an independent LGBT+ diversity researcher at the Chair of Business Ethics at the Technical University of Munich, where he is based. 

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