A biography of one of China’s greatest entrepreneurs
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Lowell Sheppard had a life-long dream: to buy a sailboat, live on it, learn how to sail, and then cross the Pacific Ocean…solo and by the time he was 70. When he finally announced that he was going to do just that, he was at the ripe age of 64…because he “dared to dream”.  

Based on Lowell’s own experience, this book provides important insights on to how to redesign your life, awaken dormant dreams, create audacious goals, and take high-stake risks to achieve them. It examines the anatomy of a dream and shares a four-step (DARE) program to realize high-stake dreams. Lowell has learned from both success and failure, but most of all, he has learned the benefits of pure grit and tenacity. This book will not only inspire the reader to have the courage to reach for the sky but also equip them with the tools to navigate into a better future. 

Zhou Xibing
Zhou Xibing is afinance and economics writer and instructor of President’s Leadership Class in the university. Having studied family businesses for over 20 years Zhou has an in-depth, unique and systematic understanding of family cultures, inheritance, operation and management, and system building as well as carrying forward of family mottos and family traditions.

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