Swap, transcendence and Chinese success

In a world that is changing, everybody in business wants to know how to achieve and maintain success. This is the case whether your business is local, national, or global, and no matter the products or services you provide. This book sets out the impressive rise of Tiens Group, which started locally, expanded nationally, and now operates globally from its headquarters in China.

The book provides not only an analysis of the factors that have contributed to the success, but also sets out examples of how these factors can be adapted to other business enterprises. In this book, you will discover deep insight into how notions such as swap and transcendence assist in business development, a sense of how Chinese businesses have developed across the world, and an understanding of how both clear focus and an ability to adapt are critical to business success

Li Jinyuan
A highly successful entrepreneur, Li Jinyuan is the founder and Chairman of Tiens Group Co Ltd, a private company headquartered in Tianjin, People’s Republic of China. One of the world’s largest health-focused organizations, Tiens Group operates online, in person, and in stores and has millions of customers in most countries of the world. Mr Li is also a philanthropist who has given many millions for humanitarian, education, and health causes globally.

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