Six principles for leaders to make management their competitive advantage

Management guru Henry Mintzberg defines “management” as the art, science and craft to get work done. In that sense, management touches everyone, everywhere, anytime. For all business leaders, management is one of the most basic and important processes to achieving your goals. This important book shows how management can be turned into your competitive advantage.

For management to be a competitive advantage, it must be better management. Recent research has shown that companies that have established agile, people-centric and dynamic capabilities – and have got rid of traditional management methods – outperform others by a huge margin. From this, the author offers six key principles of better management, that will provide the platform for all business leaders and organizations to make the shift towards greater performance.


Lukas Michel
Lukas Michel is the founder of Management Insights, with over 30 years' senior executive experiences, supporting executives worldwide with agile management. He is an Associate of the Peter Drucker Society, a key thought-leader on the subject of agility, and the author of five other management books: The Performance Triangle, Management Design, Diagnostic Mentoring, People-Centric Management, Agile By Choice and Better Management (all published by LID).

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