The Art of Self-Transformation

For too long, we have bought into the myth of separation: the story that we each win or lose through the relentless pursuit of self-improvement, achieving personal and organizational goals and increasing consumerism. This has led us to being more lonely, exhausted, and disconnected than ever, with a devastating impact on our personal lives, families, communities, organizations and the planet.

Not Being invites us to be curious about a different way of life. It argues that beyond our actions and thinking, it is our very identities that need to transform. To be successful and thrive in this increasingly precarious, polarised, and interconnected world, we all need to become a bigger and bolder vision of who we are. Through a range of inspirational stories from people in many different walks of life, Not Being is the essential guide to a more dynamic, meaningful, and rewarding way of life. It completes the trilogy of Not Knowing and Not Doing by closing the gap on what we need to know, do and be.

Steven D'Souza, Khuyen Bui
Steven D'Souza is Global Head of Executive Development at PMI and an Educator for Duke Corporate Education. He lives in London, UK. Khuyen Bui, a coach and consultant, is on the Board of Directors for the South East Asia Service Leadership Network. He lives between Hanoi, Singapore and Boston, USA.

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