Navigating the dangers of burnout at work

Three out of five workers across the world say they feel burned out. A 2020 study claims that the figure is in fact three in four. Over the past few years, our relationship with work has changed beyond recognition. On one side, employees are now looking for more choice, flexibility and freedom than ever before and statistics show that if they don’t get what they want, they are prepared to vote with their feet. On the other, employers across all industries and job roles are currently facing mass resignations, with 3.6 million US workers resigning in May 2021 alone. With such a background, organizations are now being forced to take burnout among their workforce more seriously.

This book offers a story-based exploration of a growing risk and some real and deep practices that seek to improve the human experience of the present-day workforce and make organizations more viable for the future. The authors look at the current burnout situation from a lens of discovering and seeking to heal some of the root causes of workplace despair. The book gives the reader a sense of when burnout is happening or imminent and suggests human and radical inroads for prevention and healing.


Amy Bradley, Katherine Semler
Dr Amy Bradley specializes in compassionate leadership, burnout and engagement at work, and is author of The Human Moment (LID). She is Professor of Leadership and Management at Hult International Business School, where she holds a post of Professor in Leadership and Management. She lives in the UK. Katherine Semler is a partner at Korn Ferry Hay Group in Spain and specializes in leadership development. She was previously an exdzecutive in corporate learning and programme design at Telefonica University and IESE Business School. She is based in Barcelona.

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