The crucial questions that determine success

Though entrepreneurs understand the ‘mechanics’ of running a business (how to) they don’t always understand the ‘fundamentals’, which ultimately decide success or failure. Through his own experiences and conversations with hundreds of successful people, Neil Francis concludes that the route to success is about understanding and answering what he calls the ‘why’ questions.

Each chapter starts with a ‘why’ question and focuses on the fundamentals required for successful and sustainable entrepreneurship, such as purpose, innovation, love, desire, failure, and luck. These very human stories, combined with the author’s own unique experiences, help to illustrate the core fundamentals of successful entrepreneurship. With an achievable and practical roadmap to success, The Entrepreneur’s Book is a unique and important book, which will benefit aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are already ‘in business’

Neil Francis
Neil Francis has many years of experience as a Chairman, CEO, and director. Currently he is the Chairman of a digital agency, director of two internet companies, a social enterprise that creates partnerships between Scottish and Rwandan individuals and companies, and a consultancy practice. He is the author of The Creative Thinking BookThe Entrepreneur’s Book, Positive Thinking and Inspired Thinking (all published by LID).


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