50 Ways to develop strategic relationships

This book deals with networking and asks the question: Can you really afford not to use – or not to learn to use – networking in business and in your private life?

It is a well-documented fact that what we want and desire is more easily achieved when we understand how to build the right relationships. Networking is basically the exchange of a wide range of services – and the most precious insurance in your private life and your career. This highly practical and accessible book will help anyone understand the power of networking quickly through face-to-face meeting and social media, as well as how they can use it as a way to enhance their prospects.


Simone Lemming Andersen
Simone Lemming Andersen is an author and journalist. She is a specialist in networking and performance. She worked at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, where she produced radio and TV programmes and hosted her own live talk show. Later she became a senior adviser in a PR company. Her clients include Novo Nordisk, Microsoft and Ernst & Young.

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