Discover how to be fulfilled in your work and in life

It’s human nature to focus more on our weaknesses because we are programmed to be alert to risks in our environment. We end up focusing on what isn’t working, often overshadowing all the positives. But what if you focused on and played to your strengths instead?

This practical and succinct book aims to revolutionize your life by helping you to identify what exactly makes you happy so that you will make the right choices; decide whether a job, activity or course is right for you; and understand why things seem to flow with some activities and some people, and not others. Knowing these things about yourself and spending more time on what really energizes and fulfils you – your strengths – will ultimately lead to a happier and more successful life.


Sally Bibb
Sally Bibb is a management consultant and a leading figure in the strengths movement. She is the author of The Strengths Workbook (LID) and Strengths-based Recruitment and Development.


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