The principles and art of successful business coaching
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Written by one of the world’s leading business coaches, the new and updated edition of this book provides authoritative and proven guidance and techniques for any manager, executive or indeed coach who wants to bring out the full potential of their employees and clients through coaching. Individual performance is a cornerstone of corporate performance and the need to achieve more –be that productivity or innovation –from less is becoming increasingly vital. Coaching is a demonstrably successful approach to helping individuals to perform at higher levels.

This classic and inspiring book aims to develop managers and executives into great coaches, who can transform the performance of individuals and teams in their organizations. The author looks at the art of coaching from different perspectives and provides practical tips and models (such as the”Spectrum of Coaching Skills” and “GROW”).

Myles Downey
Myles Downey is recognized as one of the world’s leading business coaches. He was the Founder of The School of Coaching in 1996, the first institution in Europe to focus solely on the development of coaching skills for coaches, managers and leaders. He is the author of Enabling Genius and The Enabling Manager (LID).

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