How to reset your leadership life

To know who you are is the perennial question of leadership. A leader will never understand the world and their role within it until they understand where they are looking from. Such a leader will inevitably not lead but be led.

This important book explores the paradox of self-reference that lies at the heart of leadership –ie, the story of ego. It examines the assumptions that have shaped the conventional view of leadership and offers a radical new paradigm and way to lead. The author explores the important role that ego plays within individual leaders. It looks at how ego has emerged as a new “meta ego”–the coordinated, collective expression of E.G.O or Evil Genius Organization–that is polarizing our world today. And through a new leadership manifesto (a set of 8 conscious imperatives that offer a new vision for transcending the ego), the author provides a pathway for leaders to rethink today’s conventions and what great leadership really means.

James Woodcock
James Woodcockis a Partner at Korn Ferry’s Leadership and Professional Development Practice. Prior to that, he was Managing Consultant at PA Consulting and Senior Manager at Deloitte. For the past 20 years, James has worked across the globe helping leaders fulfil their potential.He is based in the UK.

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