The world’s most comprehensive dictionary of corporate gobbledygook and nonsense

Wherever you work, the chances are you have fallen under the poisonous spell of business bullshit and jargon. Very few of us seem able to avoid “reaching out”, or “walk the talk”, or “pivoting”, or “think outside the box”.  No longer solely the province of management consultants, investors and MBA types, business gobbledygook has mesmerized the rank and file around the globe.

Help is at hand with this handy dictionary, aptly described as “the world’s most comprehensive” of the top 1,200 business jargon and nonsensical terms that have infected us all. Stay sane (and keep your colleagues, manager and customers from suffocating you) from the business bullshit madness by having this dictionary by your side. Based on his wide and extensive experience with business bullshit, Kevin Duncan deciphers the terms and language of modern-day business speak to save us all from going stir-crazy!


Kevin Duncan
Kevin Duncan is a business adviser, marketing expert, and bestselling author. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. He is the author of The Diagrams Book, The Ideas Book, The Excellence Book, The Smart Thinking Book, The Business Bullshit Book, The Intelligent Work Book, The Bullshit-Free Book and The Sustainable Business Book (all published by LID).

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