Tackling the flaws of our formal financial system

To live in today’s world, you need money; yet the majority of people do not have access to it. The formal financial system is taken for granted, but it also represents the barrier to financial inclusion. This book highlights 13 game changers–including social enterprises like Grameen, AflatounandKiva–who are thinking outside of the financial box. These organisations are acting on behalf of the excluded people that are unable to live their lives to the fullest. They are seeking to revolutionize the financial sector and aiming for financial inclusion for all.

In analysing the innovative and inclusive solutions of these game changers, the book delivers vital lessons through a framework of five key levers for change in order to reimagine our financial system. Awareness and support for a more sustainable and inclusive world has never been higher and financial inclusion is a key element of this global issue facing modern society today.

Erlijn Sie
Erlijn Sieis the global corporate partnership and alliance manager at Ashoka, a leading non-profit organization that promotes social entrepreneurship. She also co-founded Credits for Communities and is based in the Netherlands.

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